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January 2022 @ Features 
On the Trail

On the Trail
is a running list of grants approved for our Province Members' ongoing educational activities.
here to review the grant policy. 
here for the Grant Application form.

To apply for a grant make sure you have submitted your Annual Accountability Statement covering Fiscal Year 2020-21.
here for information on the Annual Accountability Statement procedure and form.




December 2021

Adam Oleszczuk
Italki Spanish Online Program (December 2021)

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November 2021

Lucien Gaudreault
Rome, at the Heart of the Church (Virtual Pilgrimage)  +  Liturgy of the Hour (Guide)

Florent Malung
Online ESL Course (November 2021)

Nicholas Sengson
French editions of liturgical books (November 2021)

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October 2021

Lucien Gaudreault
Liturgical Pocket Secretary 2022 (October 2021)

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September 2021

Lukas Batmomolin
Membership: International Communicators Association  +  Assorted Reference Materials (2021-22)

Stephan Brown
Diocese of St. Petersburg Priests Convocation (October 2021)

Minh Anh Dinh
Portuguese Language Course Online (September 2021)

Armin Fidelis
Matrimonial Jurisprudence & Tribunal Procedures ACLS Course (October 2021)

Lucien Gaudreault
Subscription: The Word Among Us (2021-22), Catholic Herald Diocese of Milwaukee (2021-22)  +  Assorted Paulist Press Publications

Simon Thoi Hoang
Vietnamese Clergy Conference for the Southeast Zone (October 2021)

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August 2021

Lucien Gaudreault
Subscription: Daily Homilies for Sundays and Weekday masses  +  2022 Liturgical Desk Calendar (2021-22)

Aris Martin
Catholic Answers 2021 National Conference (September 2021)

Brandon Hiep Nguyen
Newly Appointed Pastor Workshop (November 2021)

Adam Oleszczuk
Italki Spanish Online Program (2021 sessions)

Bernie Spitzley
Tools & Techniques of Effective Spiritual Direction (September 2021)

Edward Tetteh
Membership: American Counseling Association (2021-22)

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July 2021

Brandon Hiep Nguyen
Membership: Word On Fire Institute (2021-22)

Pierre Tevi-Benissan
Online: Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 2 (July 2021)

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