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On the Trail

On the Trail
is a running list of grants approved for
our Province Members' ongoing educational activities.
     Click here to review the grant policy. 
 here for the Grant Application form.

To apply for a grant make sure you have submitted your
Annual Accountability Statement
Fiscal Year 2017-18.
Click here for information on the Annual Accountability
     Statement procedure and form.




October 2018

Lukas Batmomolin
National Communication Association 2018 Convention (November 2018)

Zhongxue Chen
Training Workshop: Emotionally Focused Therapy (Online)

Rene Gerona
19th EWTN Radio Conference (November 2018)

George Kintiba
Assorted reference books (October 2018)

Francis Rayappan
NRVC 2018 Convocation (November 2018)

Charles Smith
National Conference of Catholic Chaplains Veterans Affairs 2018 (October 2018)

Edward Tetteh
Memberships: American Counseling Association  +  New Jersey Board of Professional Counselors (2018-19)

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September 2018

Guilherme Andrino
Photography Workshop (October 2018)

Stephan Brown
National Black Catholic Men's Conference (October 2018)

Ken Hamilton
Black Catholic Theological Symposium  +  National Black Catholic Men's Conference (October 2018)

Bob Mertes
DVD Course: Understanding Imperial China  +  DVD Course: History of British India

Anthony Cong Nguyen
NRVC 2018 Convocation (November 2018)

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August 2018

Lukas Batmomolin
Assorted reference books

Pedro Dayag
World Wide Marriage Encounter Convention (June 2018)  +  World Wide Marriage Encounter: Deeper Weekend (July 2018)  +  Driving Lessons (September 2018)

Lucien Gaudreault
Wisconsin Chaplaincy Association: Finding the Sacred Through Story (October 2018)

Bill Halvey
DVD: From Augustine to Chesterton and Beyond

Feliks Kosat
Canon Law Society of America 2018 Convention (October 2018)

Adam MacDonald
Renew Membership: Spiritual Directors International (2018-19)

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July 2018

Dominikus Baok
Priest Conference (July 2018)

Charles Smith
Joint Conference NBCCC/NBSC 2018 (July 2018)

Chester Smith
Joint Conference NBCCC/NBSC 2018 (July 2018)

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June 2018

Tom Griffith
World Wide Marriage Encounter 50th Anniversary Convention (June 2018)

Alexander Roedlach
Society of Applied Anthropology 2019 Annual Meeting (March 2019)

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May 2018

Don Champagne
RBC Convention 2018 (July 2018)

Adam MacDonald
NRVC 2018 Convocation (October 2018)

Bob Mertes
DVD: Thinking About Religion and Violence (June 2018)

Binh Nguyen
Institute on Sacred Scripture (June 2018)

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