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Penetrating the mystery of why we age
Deborah Byrd
EarthSky News

We’re familiar with how we age but why we age is still a mystery. Could it be a quirk of evolution as some German researchers are thinking? Deborah Byrd, EarthSky News, outlines some of the results they are finding. Read...

Modern Aids Drugs add Extra 10 Years
Kate Kelland

The life expectancy of a young HIV-positive adult in the U.S. and Europe has increased by almost 10 years. Improvements in antiretroviral therapy (ART) are considered responsible for this encouraging outlook. Kate Kelland,, reviews the research. Read...

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John Horvat
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Cara Busson-Clark

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Addiction Versus Habit
Daily Infographic

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Eamonn Clark
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Holistic Dentistry
Caryn Rivadeneira

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Tod Worner

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Drugs and the Pursuit of Happiness
Howard Kainz
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A Guide to Battery Disposal
Environment Health & Safety Online

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The Chimp and the River
How AIDS Emerged From an African Forest
David Quammen

The real story of AIDS―how it originated with a virus in a chimpanzee, jumped to one human, and then infected more than 60 million people―is very different from what most of us think we know. Recent research has revealed dark surprises and yielded a radically new scenario of how AIDS began and spread. Excerpted and adapted from the book Spillover, with a new introduction by the author, Quammen's hair-raising investigation tracks the virus from chimp populations in the jungles of southeastern Cameroon to laboratories across the globe, as he unravels the mysteries of when, where, and under what circumstances such a consequential "spillover" can happen. An audacious search for answers amid more than a century of data, The Chimp and the River tells the haunting tale of one of the most devastating pandemics of our time.

ISBN: 978-0393350845, 176 pages, $13.93 paperback, $8.73 eBook, W.W. Norton & Co., Publisher

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An American Sickness
How Healthcare Became Big Business and How You Can Take It Back
Elisabeth Rosenthal

Breaking down this monolithic business into the individual industries—the hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, and drug manufacturers—that together constitute our healthcare system, Rosenthal exposes the recent evolution of American medicine as never before. The system is in tatters, but we can fight back. Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal doesn’t just explain the symptoms, she diagnoses and treats the disease itself. In clear and practical terms, she spells out exactly how to decode medical doublespeak, avoid the pitfalls of the pharmaceuticals racket, and get the care you and your family deserve. She takes you inside the doctor-patient relationship and to hospital C-suites, explaining step-by-step the workings of a system badly lacking transparency. This is about what we can do, as individual patients, both to navigate the maze that is American healthcare and also to demand far-reaching reform. An American Sickness is the frontline defense against a healthcare system that no longer has our well-being at heart.

ISBN: 9781594206757, 416 pages, $28 hardcover


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