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Loss of olfactory awareness
University of Sussex

Olfactory awareness ... being aware of smells is one of our senses. The University of Sussex, however, has proven that "inattentional smell blindness" does exist and this article published at has some more facts about the condition. Read...

Using an EPIPEN
James Chesbro via The Huffington Post

Although this article is written from a parent's viewpoint, substitute the word "child" with "adult" and the information is still the same. The article is to the point (no pun intended) and it just may ease your fears about using an EpiPen should you encounter someone having an anaphylaxis event (allergic reaction. Read...

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You're Choking -- And No One's Around
Calle Hack

Five Myths About First Aid
Claudia Hammond

May 2018

Sunscreen FAQs
American Academy of Dermatology

Working A Lot Less
Amanda Ruggeri

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The Lost Art of Bending Over 
Michaeleen Doucleff

Take Control of Your Phone
Center for Humane Technology

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There is More than One Opioid Crisis
Kathryn Casteel

Alcohol and Cancer -- Facts and Health Risks 

February 2018

What To Do When Winter Has You In Its Icy Grip
National Safety Council

Addiction and Sleep
Best Mattress Reviews

January 2018

A Simple Activity Can Save Your Life
Dolors Massot

Why Middle Age Is Prime Time for Creativity
Caryn Rivadeneira

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The Journey Never Ends: How to Prepare a Spiritual will
Mary Petrosky, FMM

The Journey Never Ends guides you through the process of preparing a spiritual will as an expression of your life’s intentions. If you are a Catholic or Christian of another background, you will find this a useful tool for creating the kind of life you want to live now in order to positively impact the world around you. In addition, like a traditional will, it will help you create a legacy for your family. Following the teachings of St. Francis of Assisi, who lived life with joy and welcomed his death with openness and optimism, Petrosky guides you in how to best appreciate the art of living—and the way of dying.

ISBN: 978-1-59471-805-2, 96 pages, $9.95
Ave Maria Press

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Enviromedics: The Impact of Climate Change on Human Health
Jay Lemery and Paul Auerbach

Many of us have concerns about the effects of climate change on Earth, but we often overlook the essential issue of human health. By weighing in from a physician’s perspective, Jay Lemery and Paul Auerbach clarify the science, dispel the myths, and help readers understand the threats of climate change to human health. The need has never been greater for a grounded, informative, and accessible discussion about this topic. In this groundbreaking book, the authors not only sound the alarm but address the health issues likely to arise in the coming years.

ISBN: 978-1442243187, 232 pages, $24.48 hardcover


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