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Addiction: How video gaming has learned from casinos
Joshua Krook

The video gaming industry has advanced from backyard hobbyists to actual corporations formed to keep the industry growing—and addictive. By integrating the same techniques as casinos, companies hope to ensure that consumers keep playing and paying. Be aware. Read... 

Amazing facts about blood
Jerome (source: Anthony Nolan)
Daily Infographic

If it's facts you need, this is the Infographic you need to review. If it's just interesting stuff you'd like to know about blood, then this is the Infographic you need to check out. View...


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Loss of Olfactory Awareness
University of Sussex

Using an Epipen
James Chesbro via The Huffington Post

June 2018

You're Choking -- And No One's Around
Calle Hack

Five Myths About First Aid
Claudia Hammond

May 2018

Sunscreen FAQs
American Academy of Dermatology

Working A Lot Less
Amanda Ruggeri

April 2018

The Lost Art of Bending Over 
Michaeleen Doucleff

Take Control of Your Phone
Center for Humane Technology

March 2018

There is More than One Opioid Crisis
Kathryn Casteel

Alcohol and Cancer -- Facts and Health Risks 

February 2018

What To Do When Winter Has You In Its Icy Grip
National Safety Council

Addiction and Sleep
Best Mattress Reviews

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Winter of the Heart: Finding Your Way through the Mystery of Grief
Paula D'Arcy

We can't really prepare for grief. The only experts on grief are those who have survived it and then helped others do the same. Retreat leader, former psychotherapist, and bestselling author Paula D’Arcy is one of those experts. Winter of the Heart is a companion for anyone early in grieving process—for the person experiencing shock, emotional pain, an inability to move, guilt, intense anger, and a range of other emotions that might be new to you. The book is also helpful for counselors and pastoral ministers. You’ll find D'Arcy's words relevant for other occasions when mourning can be painful, including the end of a marriage, job loss, and other major life changes.

ISBN: 978-1-59471-763-5, 64 pages, $6.95 paperback
Ave Maria Press

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The Journey Never Ends: How to Prepare a Spiritual will
Mary Petrosky, FMM

The Journey Never Ends guides you through the process of preparing a spiritual will as an expression of your life’s intentions. If you are a Catholic or Christian of another background, you will find this a useful tool for creating the kind of life you want to live now in order to positively impact the world around you. In addition, like a traditional will, it will help you create a legacy for your family. Following the teachings of St. Francis of Assisi, who lived life with joy and welcomed his death with openness and optimism, Petrosky guides you in how to best appreciate the art of living—and the way of dying.

ISBN: 978-1-59471-805-2, 96 pages, $9.95
Ave Maria Press


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