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There is more than one opioid crisis
Kathryn Casteel

The government and media generally quantify the nation’s opioid problem on only one dimension: how many people have died. But there’s another dimension: exactly which drugs—either prescription opioids or illicit ones like heroin and synthetic fentanyl—led to a death. Armed with even that one extra bit of data, a state can fight its opioid crisis in a new way. Kathryn Casteel delves into the importance of this new perspective. Read... 

Alcohol and Cancer – Facts and Health Risks

While there are proven health benefits of drinking alcohol in moderation, and some specific benefits due to the natural compounds found in red wine, drinking is not always good for your health. Targeting specifically mesothelioma cancer, has put together a fact sheet outlining the effects of alcohol and cancer and their combined effect on each other. The site also provides information on other mesothelioma issues such as risk factors, prevention, nutrition and lifestyle, support, treatments. Read... 

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Arthritis For Dummies
Barry Fox, Nadine Taylor, and Jinoos Yazdany

Arthritis For Dummies is a book for both the millions who suffer from chronic joint conditions classified under arthritis, as well as family members and friends of arthritis sufferers who want to offer support and help. The bestselling author of The Arthritis Cure, Dr. Barry Fox, along with healthcare professionals Nadine Taylor and Jinoos Yazdany, have updated this friendly, hands-on guide to give you the latest information available on: The different types of arthritis, diagnosing the condition, alleviating your symptoms and minimizing pain; the latest treatments and therapies, and living day-to-day with arthritis and improving your lifestyle. This friendly guide also features expert advice on finding a doctor that’s right for you and walks you through the latest medications, diagnostic procedures, surgical advances, and dietary findings to help you manage arthritis, slow down its progression, and enjoy life to the fullest.

ISBN: 978-0764570742, 384 pages, $15.60 paperback, published by For Dummies

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On Eagle’s Wings: A Journey Through Illness Toward Healing
Michael Joncas

Millions of Christians know Fr. Michael Joncas from his iconic song, “On Eagle’s Wings,” an anthem of hope that has uplifted and inspired people everywhere. Fewer may know that about a decade ago, Fr. Joncas contracted Guillain-Barre syndrome, a debilitating condition that leaves its victims subject to weakness in varying degrees, and can lead to paralysis. His time of dealing with this infirmity was challenging, frustrating, and, ultimately, a time of great spiritual discernment and growth. This book is the product of that journey from sickness to recovery, offering five key insights to help the reader grow from spiritual darkness to newly appreciated light. Anyone who has experienced chronic illness themselves or has cared for a suffering loved one will find hope and comfort in this book, as well as strategies for coming to grips with our times of powerlessness and overcoming them with trust and confidence in God’s goodness.

Item# 852159, 128 pages, $14.95 paperback
Twenty-Third Publications


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