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Sunscreen FAQs
American Academy of Dermatology

Summer is fast approaching and we'll soon be hauling out the shorts and sunscreen. Do you have all the facts about sunscreens? Who needs them; when should you use them; how much should you apply. Check out the list of frequently asked questions about sunscreens answered by the American Academy of Dermatology and be prepared. Read...

working a lot less
Amanda Ruggeri

The reason we have eight-hour work days is because companies found that cutting employees hours (down from 10 or 16 hour days) had the reverse effect they expected: it upped their productivity. Researchers are now finding that the pattern of working non-stop undermines our creativity, our cognition; and over time can make us feel physically sick–and even, ironically, as if we have no purpose. Amanda Ruggeri,, delves further into the compelling case for working a lot less. Read...

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April 2018

The Lost Art of Bending Over 
Michaeleen Doucleff

Take Control of Your Phone
Center for Humane Technology

March 2018

There is More than One Opioid Crisis
Kathryn Casteel

Alcohol and Cancer -- Facts and Health Risks 

February 2018

What To Do When Winter Has You In Its Icy Grip
National Safety Council

Addiction and Sleep
Best Mattress Reviews

January 2018

A Simple Activity Can Save Your Life
Dolors Massot

Why Middle Age Is Prime Time for Creativity
Caryn Rivadeneira

December 2017

Improving Livelihood Outcomes for People Living with HIV
Betty Chiduo and Emily Bostick
Catholic Relief Services

Forest Bathing
Calah Alexander

November 2017

Penetrating the Mystery of Why We Age
Deborah Byrd
EarthSky News

Modern AIDS Drugs Add Extra 10 Years
Kate Kelland

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The Inkblots: Hermann Rorschach, His Iconic Test and the Power of Seeing
Damion Searls

The captivating, untold story of Hermann Rorschach and his famous inkblot test. In 1917, working alone in a remote Swiss asylum, psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach devised an experiment to probe the human mind: a set of ten carefully designed inkblots. For years he had grappled with the theories of Freud and Jung while also absorbing the aesthetic movements of the day, from Futurism to Dadaism. A visual artist himself, Rorschach had come to believe that who we are is less a matter of what we say, as Freud thought, than what we see. In this first-ever biography of Rorschach, Damion Searls draws on unpublished letters and diaries and a cache of previously unknown interviews with Rorschach’s family, friends, and colleagues to tell the unlikely story of the test’s creation, its controversial reinvention, and its remarkable endurance—and what it all reveals about the power of perception. Elegant and original, The Inkblots shines a light on the twentieth century’s most visionary synthesis of art and science.

ISBN: 9780804136563, 416 pages, paperback $17
PenguinRandom House

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The Good Listener
James Sullivan

The power of everyday interactions, says James Sullivan, is much greater than we suspect. We have the power to offer profound healing, comfort, and affirmation, or to create deep wounds. And all of this depends on one crucial skill: listening. In the pages of The Good Listener, readers will come to see the far-reaching effects that their listening has on others and will be grateful for the practical guidelines to becoming an attentive, caring listener. On the other hand, they will also gain invaluable insights into the effects that the listening skills of others have upon them. Those who understand and apply the insights of this book will offer others two unique gifts: the gift of their own caring presence and the gift of enabling the other's greater self-awareness. Parents and spouses, as well as those in ministry and in counseling roles, will find that The Good Listener is an invaluable guide to improving their listening skills.

ISBN: 978-0-87793-943-6, 96 pages, $10.95 paperback
Ave Maria Press


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