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Office of Education, Recruitment & Formation


June 2020-2023

Ongoing Education/Formation Grants

Our formation is total and integral: it seeks to bring about
human maturity, professional competence, and committed faith.

SVD Constitution 503. (rev. 2000)

Throughout their entire life, religious are to continue carefully their own spiritual, doctrinal,
and practical formation, and superiors are to provide them with the resources to do this.
SVD Constitution 661. 


Eligibility & Procedure

Continuing Education 5920.2 
Every member under the age of 70 is expected to devote a minimum of five full days annually to this purpose [i.e. ongoing education]. This does not include the annual retreat. Members are entitled to receive additional time as mutually agreed upon with their immediate superior.

To assist members with their ongoing education and formation, grants are available to help cover expenses for attending short-term, non-certificate, non-degree programs; pertinent local events; workshops; seminars; association meetings and conferences; professional memberships and subscriptions; webinars; home-study courses and materials. Members interested in applying for an Ongoing Education/Formation Grant should be aware of the procedure and complete the grant application in a thorough and timely manner.

Please note that an Ongoing Education/Formation Grant cannot be used for long-term programs leading to a degree or formal certification. Other monies are available for that purpose and you are encouraged to contact the Secretary of Education, Recruitment and Formation to discuss the options.


(Click here for Grant Application form)

  1. In order to receive a Province grant for ongoing education, one must have on file in the Office of Education, Recruitment & Formation an Accountability Statement for the previous fiscal year.

  2. Province institutions and offices that already budget for professional updating should continue to do so. Members working for such institutions and offices or for other professional organizations should make use of any funds available to them through these institutions, offices or organizations.

  3. Additional Province funds are available in the form of grants to help members avail of educational opportunities and comply with the policy on Ongoing Education.

  4. Applications for Province funding to cover fees, travel, and room and board must be submitted at least four to six weeks in advance of the actual event and have the approval of the local superior.

  5. The Grant Application must have the approval of the local superior in the form of his signature on line 13 or as an email message (from the local superior to the Education Office Coordinator) confirming his approval.

  6. The Education Office Coordinator may approve individual grants up to $900 and up to a maximum of $2,000 per fiscal year per applicant. Any individual requests over $900 or any annual total above $2,000, requires the permission of the provincial superior.

  7. An application for a Province grant does not guarantee approval. The Education Office Coordinator shall monitor the appropriateness of programs applied for and make the final decision on all requests.

  8. Reimbursements are not made for expenses incurred without prior approval and permission from the Office of Education, Recruitment & Formation.

  9. Grant checks can only be made payable to the individual confrere or the local or district community to which he is assigned.

  10. If a program or event is cancelled, the full grant amount must be returned to the Office of Education, Recruitment & Formation. Likewise, any unused portion of a grant must be returned to the Province and is not to be used for other purposes.


Office of Education, Recruitment & Formation
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