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In line with our Chicago Province policies on Sexual Abuse and Maintaining Ethical Ministry with Minors, the Secretariat of Education, Recruitment & Formation is pleased to present you with a variety of resources aimed at assisting you in educating and updating yourself on the topic of child protection. Through continued education and deeper awareness we can stop abuse before it happens!

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Article of the Month

The Body of Christ has been wounded but Grace Will Prevail
Fr. Charles Bouchard, OP, STD
Catholic Health Association

This article takes up the issue of the Pennsylvania grand jury's August 2018 report on sexual abuse by clergy. Although it is addressed to those involved in Catholic health care, Fr. Bouchard's commentary is applicable to all of us. Do our individual ministries pretend to have nothing to do with those who are accused? Are we truly powerless to change attitudes? Read...

To assist you in complying with the education requirement of the Praesidium Accreditation process, you can access links to previously posted "Articles of the Month" at childprotectArchive.

Resource of the Month

Get Ready for April's Pinwheel for Prevention
T. Pitt Green, Founder
The Healing Voices

Pinwheel for Prevention is held around the country every April during National Child Abuse Prevention Awareness month. It is an event that brings together kids and teens with adults to reinforce what the Church is promoting in its child protection programs. T. Pitt Green, founder of The Healing Voices has some suggestions for the event plus a link to a Kit for hosting a Pinwheel for Prevention event. More info...

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