Study Day # 13

October 2009

On October 8-10, 2009 a group of 25 SVDs from across the Chicago Province gathered at the Techny Towers for USC Study Day # 13 on the theme, Pastoral Care of the Sick and Elderly: In Parishes and SVD Communities. The Study Day was co-sponsored by the Secretariat of Education, Recruitment & Formation and the Mission Office.

Photos courtesy of Lukas Batmomolin, SVD

Study Day #13 officially gets underway.

Ed Peklo enlightens the participants on what the SVD Constitutions say about caring for the sick and elderly.

A view from the back of the room.

Ed Peklo entertains a question.

Do you get extra credit for sitting up front???

Bernie Scherger gets an A+ for sitting in the front row.

George Gawlik and Ray Quetchenbach.

Participants listen attentively during one of the Study Day sessions.

Tony Clark and Archbishop John Bukovsky with Frank Theriault in the background.

Ed Herberger expresses a thought.

Urey Mark shares his point of view.

Charlie Schneider shares his wisdom with the group while Peter De Ta Vo looks on.

Jim Braband introduces one of the speakers.

Andy Biller relaxes during a break between sessions.

Charlie Schneider confers with Vince Ohlinger.

John Bukovsky smiles for the camera.

Adam MacDonald prepares to introduce Frank Kamp and Mary Folkes for their respective presentations.

Peter De Ta Vo is ready to learn.

Getting ready for the next session.

van Thanh Nguyen shares a smile while enjoying a snack.

George Gawlik shares his personal experiences of caring for the sick and elderly.

Dominic Nguyen relates his perspective on pastoral care.

The Study Day speakers assemble for an open forum and panel discussion at the conclusion of the event.

We're having what for dinner???

See you at Study Day #14!