Study Day #12

November 2007

The NFPC Covey Leadership Program--The Four Roles of Leadership--was presented at this year's Study Day #12 held at Divine Word International, Techny on October 25-27.

Photos courtesy of Sunny Francis, SVD

Study Day #12 gets underway on October 25, 2007 at Divine Word International.

Study Day Leader Paul Lininger, Executive Director of CMSM, listens to a question while Louis Gagnon looks on.

Richie Vaz takes part in his very first USC Study Day!

Study Day participants interact with leader Paul Lininger.

The Study Day participants reflected a broad cross-section of the Province membership.

(L to R) Phelim Jordan, John Fincutter, John Szukalski, and Khien Luu.

Paul Lininger enlightens the participants on The Four Roles of Leadership.

Vince Ohlinger poses for the camera.

Members of the Provincial Council share a table and a smile.

(L to R) Urey Mark, Jim Bergin, and Mark Weber share the new insights they've learned.

Bill Siefert is happy to be at the Study Day!

Louis Gagnon and Charlie Schneider contemplate switching place cards.

The diversity of the SVD family in all its glory!

John Fincutter and Khien Luu compare notes.

Gotta love that smile!!!

Jim Braband thanks the program's leader and the participants as Study Day comes to a close.

Gee, that was a lot of information! Glad I took notes!!!!

Simon Thoi Hoang, Ed Peklo, and Mark Weber fill out their evaluation forms.

John Szukalski and Hien Nick Nguyen share a smile.

Mark Weber shows off his certificate!


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