Saving Valuable Dollars # 6

October 2013

The sixth annual Saving Valuable Dollars Finance Seminar was held at Techny Towers Conference and Retreat Center on October 7-9, 2013. Topics ranged from Basic Accounting, Budgeting & Reporting for PAG/MEG, Ecclesiastic Law & Parish Finances, Employment Law, and Professional Boundaries. The participants also celebrated Eucharist at the day's end and enjoyed an evening social on Monday and Tuesday. All agreed the seminar was informative and useful in their work as pastors and associates.

The Finance Seminar was co-sponsored by the Chicago Province Finance Office and the Secretariat of Education, Recruitment and Formation. Funding for participants to attend was provided through ongoing education/formation grants.

Photos courtesy of: Lukas Batmomolin, SVD

Lukas Batmomolin (left), who provided the photos in this gallery, and Vicente Dominguez start the Seminar off with a smile.

Jim Braband welcomes everyone on Monday afternoon to the first session of the Finance Seminar.

Chicago Province Director of Administratives Services/Human Resources Tom Artz explains the signifigance of the Praesidium Accreditation plaque the Chicago Province received.

Tom Ascheman gives some spiritual insight into the reason all have been asked to attend the seminar.

Adrena Herbst, Staff Accountant USC Province Center, presented "Basic Accounting." Here she waits for the participants to complete an accounting quiz.

Adam Laskarzewski (left) and Rene Gerona discuss possible answers to Adrena's quiz. Not easy.

Jerzy Gawlik (left) and Ernani Valeriano are pretty sure they have the right answer--at least to one of the questions.

Jun Pateno (left) and Guilherme Andrino go over some figures during the "Basic Accounting" session.

Stan Uroda, Theologate Rector, outlined the required steps for successfully budgeting and reporting for PAG/MEG.

Here Chester Smith (left), Urey Mark (middle), and Guilherme Andrino (right) listen intently to Stan Uroda's advice.

Taking notes is Miguel Virella (middle), flanked by Adam Laskarzewski and Rene Gerona on the left and Jerzy Gawlik and Ernani Valeriano on the right.

Pictured: Tony Clark (left), Matheus Ro (middle) and Pedro Bou (right).

Jan Pastuszczak, Pastor of St. Ursula's in the British Virgin Islands, brought his extensive expertise to present "Ecclesiastic Law & Parish Finances."

Ernani Valeriano (left) and Andre Grecki appear to appreciate Jan's presentation.

Tony Romo-Romo (left) checks with Simon Thoi Hoang on his opinion about church donations.

Provincial Treasurer Dariusz Garbaciak encourages participants to listen and learn.

Pawel Czoch, Caribbean District Admonitor and Pastor of St. Gerard's in Anguilla, listens reflectively during Monday's presentations.

Participants were divided into groups and given a scenario in which to figure out the legal outcome.

Each group had a different solution.

Even small details couldn't be overlooked in discussing a legal issue.

If you were judge, how would you decide...

Aloysius Oa (left), Jerzy Gawlik (middle), and Adam Oleszczuk (right) apply what they've learned to their legal scenario.

Maureen Murphy, Senior Counsel for the Archdiocese of Chicago, begins her presentation on "Employment Law."

Even Provincials--past and present--can pick up new ideas. Pictured: Mark Weber (left) and Tom Ascheman

"Professional Boundaries" was the subject of Jan Slattery's presentation. She is the Director of the Office of Child Protection for the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Pictured: Antoine Leason, Pastor of St. Elizabeth's in Chicago.

Andrew Thu Pham, Pastor of St. Patrick's in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, listens during the final wrap-up session on Wednesday.

Pictured: Chicago Vice-Provincial Adam Oleszczuk (left) and Vicente Dominguez

Jun Pateno (left) and Aloysius Oa listen to comments during the wrap-up session.

Pictured: Ernani Valeriano (left), Andre Grecki (middle), and Andrew Thu Pham (right)

It's the end of the seminar and time to receive a Certificate of Completion. Here Rene Gerona receives his.

Adam Laskarzewski proudly displays his Certificate for attending the seminar.

Mark Weber receives congratulations on attending his sixth Finance Seminar.

They made it! Pictured are all of this year's Finance Seminar participants and Province staff.