Saving Valuable Dollars # 5

June 2012

More than 25 SVDs gathered on June 4-6, 2012 at Techny Towers to participate in the fifth Saving Valuable Dollars Finance Seminar. The presentations covered such topics as basic accounting, personal SVD budgets, employment law, ecclesiastical law and parish finances, the new CUIT concept, and PAG/MEG budgeting. Between sessions participants enjoyed exchanging experiences, good food, comfortable lodgings, and the sharing of daily eucharist.

Photos courtesy of Lukas Batmomolin, SVD

A view of the fourth floor meeting room at Techny Tours as the finance seminar begins.

It's Monday afternoon and Darius Garbaciak opens the seminar.

Tom Ascheman welcomes everyone.

Jim Braband explains the seminar's focus and agenda.

Kathy Borresen makes sure everyone has their nametag.

Adrena Herbst, Province Center Finance Office, starts with basic accounting principles.

(Left to right) Ky Ngoc Dinh, George Koottappillil, Jan Pastuszczak, and Tan Viet Nguyen listen while Dominic Nguyen asks a question.

Ky Ngoc Dinh thinking about payables.

(Left to right) Darius Garbaciak, Jim Zabransky, and Mark Weber have some thoughts.

Tom Ascheman presents the importance of personal budgets and reports.

(Left to right) Joseph Dao Vu, Dominic Nguyen, Pedro Bou and Urey Mark listen.

(Left to right) During the coffee break, Dominikus Baok, Jim Zabransky and Matheus Ro share some ideas.

Ernani Valeriano relaxes a bit before the start of the next session.

Tuesday morning Fred Van den Hende, Archdiocese of Chicago, presented Employment Law & Parish Staffing to the group.

Tuesday's lunch was an opportunity to relax.

There's was plenty of good food served.

(Left to right) Matheus Ro, George Koottappillil, Joseph Dao Vu and Xavier Cooney discuss the beauty of Pittsburgh during lunch.

It's back to work and Jan Pastuszczak starts Tuesday afternoon off with Ecclesiastical Law & Parish Finances/Crimes.

(Left to right) Chester Smith, Urey Mark and Charles Smith gain insight into ecclesiastical law.

(Left to right) Krzysztof Pipa, Jim Zabransky, Mark Weber, and Miguel Virella hear the lighter side of parish finance issues.

James Lee from Christian Brothers Investment Services shows Darius Garbaciak the latest text message.

Antoine Leason listens to James Lee regarding CUIT accounts.

Matheus Ro considers the CUIT concept.

Mark Weber begins the Wednesday morning session on PAG/MEG budgeting and reporting.

Ernani Valeriano and Tony Romo-Romo discuss the finer points of budgeting.

(Left to right) Chester Smith, Pedro Bou, Guilherme Andrino, and Charles Smith listen as Urey Mark (center) asks a question.

Michael Long Vu (center) and others consider the benefits of a properly completed PAG.

All the participants were asked to fill out an evaluation at the end of Wednesday's sessions.

No seminar is complete without "Certificates of Completion." Here, Ed Tetteh receives his from Darious Garbaciak.

Guilherme Andrino was happy he attended the seminar and even got a certificate to show for it.

Jan Pastuszczak is congratulated by Darius Garbaciak for a presentation well done and also given a certificate for participating.

Rogers Hannan receives his certificate and wonders how best to frame it.

Sam Cunningham gratefully receives his certificate from Darius Garbaciak.

Krzysztof Pipa accepts his certificate from Darius Garbaciak.

A fitting end to a successful seminar. Thank you.