Saving Valuable Dollars # 4

November 2008

On November 17-19, 2008, a group of 23 SVDs from throughout the Chicago and Southern Provinces gathered at Techny Towers for Saving Valuable Dollars # 4, the latest in an ongoing series of workshops on legal and financial management for SVD pastors. The workshop was co-sponsored by the USC Education Secretariat and the USC Provincial Treasurer.

Photos courtesy of Sunny Francis, SVD

Jim Braband gets the workshop underway by welcoming the participants.

Attorney Bruce Stratton instructs the participants in the finer points of labor law.

Miguel Virella and Adam MacDonald confer on the schedule.

Tom Ascheman and Jaison Mangalath take a break.

Chau Pham and Chacko Parekkatt share experiences during the break.

Dominikus Baok attends his first "SVD" workshop.

Participants listen as Jim Braband introduces the next speaker.

Attorney Scott Pollock addresses various points of immigration law.

(L to R) Dominikus Baok, Tony Clark, Jim Pawlicki, Dominic Nguyen, Peter De Ta Vo and Vincent Alexius "brave it" by sitting in the front row.

Attorneys Bruce Stratton and Scott Pollock engage the participants in a roundtable discussion.

Dariusz Garbaciak speaks on various issues related to personal finance.

Is there going to be an exam???

Members of the New Jersey District enjoy the evening social.

Andrzej Grecki and Dominikus Baok relax together during the social.

Vincent Alexius and Chacko Parekkatt share a laugh.

Chris Kremer, representative of Christian Brothers Risk Management Services, addresses the group on car insurance issues.

Dariusz Garbaciak and Mark Weber.

Guilherme Andrino ponders what he's learning at his first "SVD" workshop.

No, Dominic, this is not SVD #2 - it's SVD #4!!!

Dominic Nguyen and Peter De Ta Vo listen attentively.

Mark Weber speaks about Province grant policies and procedures.

Evelyn and Jim McKweon speak about grants and grant writing.

Evelyn and Jim McKweon entertain a question.

George Gawlik receives his certificate for completing yet another "SVD" workshop.

Adam MacDonald and Dariusz Garbaciak display the certificate of completion awarded to all of this year's participants.