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September 2020




Pray as though everything depended on God.
Work as though everything depended on you.
St. Augustine (Bishop and Doctor of the Church, 354-430)


Special Interest


Image: "The Angelus" by Jean-Francois Millet, circa 1857-59

The Museum where Racist and oppressive statues go to die
Daniela Blei
Atlas Obscura

In this sad time of defacing and toppling many of our nation's statues, perhaps Germany has found an alternative to (senseless) destruction. Read...

National Cyber Awareness System

Here's a link to keep handy regarding cybersecurity. You can even subscribe to receiving alerts, tips and other updates courtesy of Department of Homeland Security's CISA (Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency). Visit...

The Weird, Dangerous, Isolated Life of the Saturation Diver
Jen Banbury
Atlas Obscura

What is a saturation diver? He/she is a diver that does construction and demolition work at depths up to 1,000 feet or more below the surface of the ocean. It's a little-known, bizarre job but, as they say, someone has to do it. Jen Banbury, Atlas Obscura, takes us on tour of the saturation diver's lifestyle, surroundings, and daily challenges in a very dangerous place. Read...


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Featured this month ...

Travel for visa holders is a topic being highlighted at Immigration Alerts

Events, workshops are starting to come back "online"—whether virtually or in-person. Check out the possibilities (especially the "Webinars" section) at Datebook Plus

Learn if it's a good idea to call a lawyer to handle a bully at Child Protection

SVDs are being granted funds for virtual workshops, subscriptions, annual meetings, etc. and there's a list of recipients at On the Trail

CDC used to stand for Communicable Disease Center and there's even more to learn about the CDC at Health & Wellness

We've tapped into the Migration Policy Institute's wealth of policy briefs and reports aImmigration Resources

Moving ahead ...

September 13-20, 2020
52nd International Eucharistic Congress
The universal values of family, peace and freedom and the need for new evangelization are at the center of eucharistic congresses. This year's congress will be held in Budapest, Hungary. Read...

October 12-20, 2020
28th International Week of Prayer and Fasting
The 28th International Week of Prayer and Fasting Coalition, Legion of Mary, the Marians of the Immaculate Conception, Rosary Coast to Coast, Diocesan Rosary Congress, Catholic Action for Faith and Family, Priests for Life, and many others...are uniting this year to pray and to fast for these five goals: For peace and the conversion of all peoples and nations; to build a culture of life; to implore God for holiness for His Church; to defend the sanctity of marriage and family life; and for all priest, vocations, and holiness of the members of the Church. Make your pledge now. Info...

October 16, 2020
World Food Day
This day was instituted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) to promote worldwide awareness and action for those who suffer from hunger and for the need to ensure healthy diets for all. 2020 marks the 75th anniversary. Here are a few FAO stories from around the world. Read...

November 1-30, 2020
Black History Month
Black History Month is a good time to investigate black Catholic history. Here are six saints for this special month. Read...

November 3, 2020
Election Day (United States)
It's an important day. Vote. For details on registering, voting by mail, finding a polling place, and more visit

November 11, 2020
Veterans Day
The day was originally known as Armistice Day. It is a federal holiday but through the years its focus became slightly blurred. Read the full history at Veterans Administration

November 29, 2020
First Sunday of Advent
While Lent 2020 was a most unusual season, let us pray that this year's Advent season finds us able to draw closer to each other under more joyful circumstances. It's Cycle B and liturgical resources will be appear in the October edition of this website. God's peace to all.

December 17, 2020
Wright Brothers Day
Orville and Wilbur Wright's first successful flight in a heavier-than-air, mechanically propelled airplane is celebrated especially at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina each year. Visit

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