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August 2018

One sees great things from the valley;
only small things from the peak.
G.K. Chesterton (English writer and Catholic apologist, 1874-1936)

Special Interest


Helping the Blind Via an App
Sophia Swinford

As Sophia Swinford,, notes: it's "a good deed waiting to happen in your pocket." Be My Eyes is an app that allows the visually impaired to get assistance with such mundane tasks as checking the expiration date on food, adjusting a thermostat, or distinguishing a color. Sighted volunteers (currently more than 1.2 million worldwide) sign up to answer questions or assist via their cell phone. Read...

Learn more at Be My Eyes


What's the Real Price of Getting Rid of Plastic Packaging?
Richard Gray

Richard Gray, in an article for, crunches numbers along with numerous insights into the real costs of eliminating plastic along with examples of the environmental price we're paying now. There's much to and con. Read...


Ultimate Guide to Airport Security
Allie Johnson

Standing in line, baggage check-in, body scans, expedited traveler programs. Here's a quick guide to all these processes. Knowing what to expect cuts the stress. Read...


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Featured this month ...

Read a variety of immigration viewpoints from newcomers in Silicon Valley to migrants in McAllen, Texas to policies from the White House at Immigration Resources

Check out how video gaming has learned from casinos how to keep 'em coming back at Health & Wellness

Here's a list of grants approved for Province members' ongoing education activities during the last six months ... On the Trail

Check out the reminders for "Info Pass" and "Social Security cards" at Immigration Alerts

This month features an informative DVD concerning the hidden crime of human trafficking ... Child Protection

Wondering about continuing education opportunities? Check out the list of events, online courses, and books at Datebook Plus

   Moving ahead ...

August 1, 2018
Annual Accountability statements
The deadline for submitting Annual Accountability Statements was yesterday (July 31). However, you are reminded that submitting an AAS is not optional. Accounting for your ongoing education and formation efforts is important. So, if you have not yet sent in your Statement for Fiscal Year 2017-18, please do so now. AAS forms and instructions are available at

September 8 – November 9, 2018
Tour: Saint Pio Relics
Saint Padre Pio's relics are currently on tour in America commemorating the 50th anniversary of Padre Pio entering eternal life. A few of the upcoming sites include Toronto, Ontario; Parsippany, New Jersey; St. Cloud, Minnesota; and Rapid City, South Dakota. For a complete venue list, visit...

September 15 – October 15, 2018
Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month begins on September 15, the anniversary of independence for five Latin American countries—Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. In addition, Mexico declared its independence on September 16, and Chile on September 18. To help appreciate this month, here's a list of famous firsts by Hispanic Americans.

October 16, 2018
World Food Day
This is a day of action dedicated to tackling global hunger. The focus of the day is that food is a basic, fundamental human right. Yet, more than 805 million people worldwide live with chronic hunger. Be aware. Take action.

November 1-30, 2018
Native American Heritage Month
November is designated Native American Heritage Month. Is it proper to use the term "Native American" or is "American Indian" acceptable? Find out...

November 4-10, 2018
National Vocation Awareness Week
Short Bulletin Quote (for your use courtesy of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: Please ask Our Lord for more dedicated, holy priests, deacons and consecrated men and women. May they be inspired by Jesus Christ, supported by our faith community, and respond generously to God’s gift of a vocation. Full text...


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