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January 2022


Treat every day like it's a new year because it is.
Credit: TemitOpe Ibrahim (Contemporary Christian writer)


Happy New Year from the
Staff of the Office of Education, Recruitment and Formation


Special Interest


The Sistine Chapel is on tour
J-P Mauro
Aleteia (.org)

An art exhibit of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel masterpieces is touring the U.S. and Canada during 2022. The exhibit features full-scale panels brought down to ground level for a more personal, up-close and comfortable view. Photography of the panels is also allowed. Pandemic protocols are enforced and tickets are required. Read...

For exhibit details, the tour schedule, and tickets go to Visit Chapel Sistine


The magnificent Orchards that protect the world's fruit
Alex Mayyasi
Atlas Obscura (.com)

Riverside (California) Citrus Variety Collection orchard is one of many germplasm repositories (cousins to seed banks) that are safeguarding the world's variety of plants and crops. Alex Mayyasi, Atlas Obscura, visited the orchard and had an interesting conversation with the curators. Read...


How to end a conversation
Brett & Kate McKay
Art of Manliness (.com)

Much has been written about conversational dos and don'ts and how to make small talk but little about how to end a conversation (nicely). Don't get stuck at this point. Here are some tips. Read...


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Featured this month ...

It's the start of a new year, a new journey in learning. Learn where others are journeying at On the Trail

Gain a different perspective on playgrounds for today's children at Child Protection

This month Lenten resources are featured at Datebook Plus

Catch up on the latest regarding medical exams and vaccinations records (for LPR applicants) at Immigration Alerts

Read about Catholic Charities' challenges to facilitate refugee resettlement at Immigration Resources

Access a video that debunks twelve first aid myths at Health & Wellness


Moving ahead ...

January 6 – February 25, 2022
Mardi Gras Season
Mardi Gras isn't just a day, it's a whole season of revelries. Get your purple, green and gold on and check out a few of these facts about Mardi Gras

January 15, 2022
Feast of St. Arnold Janssen
St. Arnold Janssen was the Founder of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD) in 1875 in Steyl, Holland. Born in 1837; ordained in 1861; died in 1909 and canonized in 2003. St. Arnold Janssen, pray for us.

January 16, 2022
National Nothing Day
Ever been caught “doing nothing” and shamed into feeling lazier than the average person? Rest assured, that might not happen today, January 16, National Nothing Day. National Nothing Day has been “celebrated” since 1973. Since the trappings and pomp of the holiday literally add up to nothing, like its namesake, there’s not a lot to tell. A mind-teaser does occur to us, though — if you’re doing nothing, aren’t you doing something, with nothing as the thing you’re doing?

January 29, 2022
Feast of St. Joseph Freinademetz
St. Joseph Freinademetz was an extraordinary SVD missionary, serving in China for 29 years and sustained by Eucharistic Adoration and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. He died on January 28, 1908 but January 29 is the day SVDs have chosen to celebrate his life. (The universal Church celebrates January 28 as the Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas.) St. Joseph Freinademetz, pray for us.

February 2, 2022
Ground Hog Day
Truth is, the groundhog isn't looking for its shadow when it comes out of its hole. Here are a few more facts about Punxsutawney Phil. Read...

February 10, 2022
National Umbrella Day
While you're appreciating the usefulness of your umbrella, celebrate the day and check out this list of 50 umbrella design innovations. You might want to upgrade. Umbrellas...

February 26, 2022
ash wednesday
Given the current supply chain delays, you might consider making your own ashes for Ash Wednesday. Here's a DIY guide. Read...

March 10, 2022
National landline telephone day
Remember when you were forced to leave your phone at home—because it was attached to your house? Tele-communications has moved on but for this one day we'll nostalgically celebrate the anniversary of the first telephone call by Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant, Mr. Watson. Read...

March 13, 2022
Daylight Saving Time Starts
Get ready. Daylight Saving Time officially starts on this day at 3:00 p.m. local daylight time when clocks are moved forward one hour.

March 31, 2022
Opening Day for Major League Baseball
Read an analysis of proposed changes coming to the game in 2022 and then start your day at the ballpark. Read...

April 1-30, 2022
Child Abuse Prevention Month
During this month check out the resources posted by the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) as regards to Catholic Safeguards. Read...

April 3-9, 2022
National Library Week
National Library Week not only pays tribute to libraries as centers of learning, it also gives thanks to local librarians for their knowledge and expertise in this age of social media and bipartisan information. Celebrate...

April 22, 2022
Earth Day

Started in 1970 in the U.S., Earth Day began as a "national teach-in on the environment". It has since expanded to a global celebration. More information...


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