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April 2017

Our Lord has written the
promise of the Resurrection,
not in books alone, but in every
leaf in spring-time.


Martin Luther
(German theologian, 1483-1546)

Special Interest


how to turn garbage into food for the hungry
John Berger

At a time when food insecurity shows little sign of abatement, some people and organizations are being just as creative as the best chefs in the industry to keep food out of landfills and fill the stomachs of the hungry. Read...

how sound effects are really made

Watch a foley artist at work in this short video from Foley, by the way, is the reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added to film, video, and other media to enhance its audio quality. View...

Popemobiles: A History
Antoine Mekary and Marinella Bandini

In December 1929 Pius XI became the first pope to leave the Vatican grounds by car. Papal transport hasn’t been the same since. Read...

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Alleluia. He is risen.
We wish you a joyful Easter Season.

The Staff of the Secretariat of Education, Recruitment and Formation

Featured this month ...

For details on the April SVD Visa Holders Seminar go to Immigration Alerts

Discover an abundance of events and workshops--especially during July--at Datebook Plus

Religion has long known the virtues of salt and now science is researching another use for it (salt). Read about it at Health & Wellness

Find out what an immigration detainer is and how it works at Immigration Resources

Resources for observing Child Abuse Prevention Month (April) is available below and at Child Protection

   Moving ahead ...

April 1-30: Child Abuse Prevention Month
The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has resources available to help parishes become more aware of this national issue—child abuse—and its prevention. Read...

April 22: Earth Day
Although it began in 1970 as a secular observation, the faith community has found much to celebrate on a day that reminds us to care for our common home. Catholic Climate Covenant has various program guides, materials and information to help you celebrate the day in your community. Visit their website at

April 28: Arbor Day
On this day, plant a tree or care for one and you’ll be helping to clean the air and water, slow climate change, ease poverty and hunger, prevent species loss, and feed the human soul. You can read about this day’s founder, Julius Sterling Morton, and a brief history of Arbor Day at

May 5: Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War (1861-1867). In the U.S. the day has evolved into a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage with parades, mariachi bands, and street festivals. Check your local papers for details on celebrations in your area.

May 9: Lost Sock Memorial Day
There are not many mysteries in life that are as perplexing as the mystery of the missing sock. This day pays homage to all those sad single socks and their lost mates…wherever they may be.

June 28: National Paul Bunyan Day
One of the most famous North American folklore heroes, Paul Bunyan was a giant and a lumberjack of unusual skill and was almost always accompanied by his companion, Babe the Blue Ox. Many of his astonishing feats are retold at

July 1, 2017: Annual Accountability Statements
This is the official start date for submitting your Annual Accountability Statements for the fiscal year (July 1, 2016 thru June 30, 2017). Kudos to those who have already sent in their AAS for the year! The AAS form can be accessed
here; the AAS policy and frequently asked questions here.

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