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July 2019



Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.
Abraham Lincoln (American president, 1809-1865)


Special Interest


It's one of those  universal words
Joanie Faletto

You utter the word when you're confused. You say it when you didn't hear what someone said to you. You might even blurt it out as you start to realize something. No matter your nationality or heritage, we've all said the word—and we've all understood it. To know the word is one thing; to find out how it was classified as  "universal" is quite another. Read...

Thomas Merton's Hermitage
Atlas Obscura

As this article points out, the Trappist monk, prophet-poet, and rebel never really got to live out the eremitic life he was seeking. Read...

the shroud of turin online
John Burger

John Burger, Aleteia, reports that the photographs taken by Vernon Miller as part of the Shroud of Turin Research Project have been digitized and published at ShroudPhotos. They are now posted online at "Even after 40 years of scientific, medical, forensic, and scriptural study, the photographs still draw our minds into seeking to understand more," Tom D'muhala and Gilbert R. Lavoie, MD. Read...


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Featured this month ...

A dose of palm oil, Mindfulness programs, and caring for God's creation are all covered at Health & Wellness

Here's a listing of grants issued for ongoing education and formation projects. See On the Trail

Read up on visa renewals and the Global Entry Program at Immigration Alerts

Research events going on between July and December at Datebook Plus

Read more on an interesting idea that attempts to combat bullying at Child Protection

Discover why Europe may be easier to migrate to than the U.S. at Immigration Resources

Moving ahead ...

July 1, 2019
Annual Accountability Statement Program
The Annual Accountability Statement (AAS) program for fiscal year 2018-19 is underway. Bravo to the 34 SVDs who have already completed their Statement and sent it in—some even delivered it before the June 17 email notice was sent out! The deadline to complete your statement is July 31. So, if you're one of the 81 remaining SVDs who have yet to turn in the AAS, take a few minutes to fill out the form and return it to the Education Office.
Questions? Need another copy of the form? See the Accountability Policy page

August 6, 2019
National Night Out
National Night Out is an annual community-building campaign that promotes strong police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our neighborhoods safer, more caring places to live and work. For details and/or to register a NNO event go to

August 7, 2019
purple heart day (U.S.)
This day encourages everyone to pay their respects to fallen soldiers, to listen to the stories of soldiers and veterans, and to thank them for their service to the nation. Read... 

August 11, 2019
Presidential Joke Day
We often think of American presidents as butts of jokes, the muses for mockery, and the subjects of satire. But every once in a while, our commanders-in-chief (or their speechwriters) come up with a few witty wisecracks of their own. August 11 is Presidential Joke Day–a holiday to commemorate the fact that presidents sometimes have a sense of humor. Chuckle...

August 15
solemnity of the Assumption of the blessed virgin mary
Dormition Abbey is a grand German Benedictine abbey commemorating the memory of the Virgin Mary and is situated on the traditional site of her death. View...

October 16, 2019
World Food Day
The United Nations created World Food Day back in 1945. Their motivation was to bring attention to the fact that food is basic right for everyone—not a privilege for some. For ideas on how to observe the day and make a difference, visit
National Today.

October 20, 2019
World Mission Day
The Holy Father reminds us during the month of October—but especially on World Mission Day, October 20—that the Church is on a mission in the world. We are baptized and we are sent. Read the Pope's full message


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