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May 2019



Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.
Anton Chekhov (Russian dramatist, 1860-1904)


Special Interest


will future homes build themselves?
David Martyn

At the touch of a button, these incredible homes of the future can self-deploy and build themselves in less than ten minutes. The process uses no other technology other than hinges and making sure that everything that goes up is counterbalanced with something that goes down. It's not 3D printing. It's unfolding technology. Watch... 

You Can Apply for a papal blessing online
Elemosineria Apostolica
The Office of Papal Charities, Vatican City

You can now apply for a papal blessing online via the only website authorized to receive or forward such requests. Similar to a mass card, the confirmation that a blessing has been given comes in the form of a "parchment" of which there are numerous templates to choose from. All proceeds (minus the cost of preparing and posting the parchment) are applied entirely to the works of charity undertaken daily in the name of the Pope, in service of the poor. Details... 

Our lady chooses the u.s. for a final plea
Fr. Regis Scanlon, OFM Cap

In 1956 Our Lady began appearing to a quiet nun in Indiana and the Mary of those apparitions choose the title "Our Lady of the Americas." Mary reached out like a good mother with warnings about our country's troubled future. She also held out encouragement and hope. Can we—should we—believe in Our Lady of the Americas? Read...

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Featured this month ...

The Pope's apostolic exhortation, Christus Vivit, is the focus this month at Child Protection

Read more about the humanitarian help available in Nogales, Mexico and in the southern Arizona desert at Immigration Resources

Learn about the benefits of Pickleball and what it is exactly at Health & Wellness

Who's going where and when at On the Trail

Details on current immigration scams are available at Immigration Alerts

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Moving ahead ...

May 1, 2019
Annual Accountability StatementS
The Annual Accountability Statement (AAS) program for fiscal year 2018-19 is about to begin. If you've already completed five days of ongoing education activities, you can submit your Statement now. Details and the form can be found at Accountability...

May 13, 2019
Leprechaun Day
Because leprechauns only make rare appearances—busy guarding their pot of gold, I suppose—here are ten things you probably didn't know about them. Find out...

June 15, 2019
World Juggling Day
On June 15, thousands of people around the world will unite with one common passion—juggling! Visit the International Jugglers Association's website for video instructions on learning simple to more complex juggling tricks plus information on this year's Juggling Festival in Ft. Wayne, Indiana on June 24-30. Visit...

August 7, 2019
purple heart day (U.S.)
This day encourages everyone to pay their respects to fallen soldiers, to listen to the stories of soldiers and veterans, and to thank them for their service to the nation.

August 15
solemnity of the Assumption of the blessed virgin mary
Dormition Abbey is a grand German Benedictine abbey commemorating the memory of the Virgin Mary and is situated on the traditional site of her death.

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